Saturday, 12 January 2019

All Greek to me

 This photo put me in mind of
John Rennie's 1809 plan in the Thanet guide for that year this is the link to the guide's buy it now but favourite would be coming to the bookshop (closed sun and thur) and giving it a proper browsing.

 Maison Helene, hairdressers, 32 King Street, Ramsgate I would guess 1940s

I have spent most of the day in Wetherspoons and I have to confess mostly painting, no work in the bookshop for me today.

Well perhaps late afternoon,

As Erasmus's text says. 'In the beginning was the conversation.’ I am going with the Greek here as Hebrew is all Greek to me.

Blogos init which used to mean let the conversation begin, but now seems to mean, inspire conversation in Facebook groups.

Oh well sailor V matey, what on earth to write about today?

I guess the most difficult thing is the Manston airfreight hub DCO where the Department of Transport aka pins seem to have decided not to check out RiverOak’s application for errors, but seem to be leaving it up to us locals.

They also seem to be saying that it is down to us locals to provide documentary evidence supporting our logos. Greek is a strange language and logos = ground, plea, opinion, expectation, word, speech, account, reason, proportion", and discourse.

I suppose it was the ancient Chinese, not Ming but Han I think, anyway Confucius, he say – sayings to be carved in stone so anyone get a right rubbing, no mistake writ in stone.

Putting on my mechanic of sorts hat for a mo, physicists have made a lot of headway, particularly Newton with the weights and measures type of stuff along the lines of what happens when the irresistible force hits the immovable object.  The have also made quite of headway with the atoms and molecules, Dust however is mostly still in the hands of fiction – ask Lyra and Will ~~~~~

Having read some of the application, I think the main error I can see from under this hat is that they have misunderstood the information about wind-borne dust, most people understand that the finer it is the further it travels, not the boffins at RiverOak though.

Although of course as most of us as children have blown on salt and flour, so we already know this, proving it takes you into the realms of Hesiod's chaos.

I did take some photos - out and about in Ramsgate today

Here is the link to the photos

The Shipwrights Arms aka Jazz Room is aparently going to be screen related bar.

Like the Tardis it now seems bigger on the inside.

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