Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year

I am writing this blog post in Wetherspoons punctuated with a bit of watercolour sketching, I don't expect either thing to come to that much, but there you go.

New year's resolution wise I am still moving towards cutting down on screen use. I don't think the business of it probably making yourself 80% as bright as you would have been if you limited the amount you use... Well not worth the risk.

Another factor about the screen use as related to psychological impact report published last month is the reduction of curiosity.

To my mind curiosity is something only a fairly astute psychiatrist would consider measuring, meaning that I am taking the report more seriously.

I guess the thing that concerns me the most is this business of the earlier onset of dementia and the only two major changes to society since the the people who are getting it now we're young, that I can think of, are 2.5PM particulate air pollution, and spending a lot of time - several hours a day looking at a screen, mostly a TV screen.

While I gave up smoking several years ago and vaping over a year ago, as an older person I am unlikely to give up nicotine see https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3466669/ if you don't follow this type of research - about the mind, that is.

I have always been interested in areas where there is plenty of research but very little understanding of what it means.

In the case of the mind, it is something like:- We are begining to understand something about brain function but have no clue whatsoever about how the mind works.

Wetherspoons tonight, six of us with food and drink for all of us coming out under £50 and the good atmosphere in Ramsgate's Royal Victoria Pavilion, it takes a lot of improving on.

burger just about to appear

New Year's Day walk in Ramsgate photos, here are the links

Link    1

Link    2

Sorry about the failure of some of the pictures to appear so the same Ramsgate walk pictures put on the internet in a different way.

Link    2B

A couple of panorama photos, here are the links

link  3

link   4

finally The books we put out in the bookshop yesterday

Link   5

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