Monday, 7 January 2019

Some thoughts on the early history of tourism in Margate and Ramsgate and I start Vlogging

 I am starting to vlog as an accompaniment to this blog, don't expect anything very exciting, slick or professional, I just don't have the time for editing the video, so like the content of my camera card, you just get the whole thing.

It's mostly been work in the bookshop for me today, one of the keys to having a reasonably good bookshop is dealing with the books on the shelves that didn't sell, I would say equally important as buying the right books in the first place.

This is mostly done by taking all 30,000 books in the bookshop, one little pile at a time, from the shelves to my desk, looking them up on the internet to see if they are too expensive, repricing, ejecting them into the sale, off for recycling and so on. 

The other side of this coin is that we are buying a lot of books at the moment

This is the link to the ones we put out for sale today mostly bought yesterday

The basic message is we are keen to buy good quality saleable books for cash

One way of going about this is to photograph the spines of the books you want to sell
like this and send us the photos email to share the file or just bring your phone or tablet into the bookshop and show us the photos, we will then tell you which ones we want to buy. This method saves a lot of carrying about.

I am sure that just looking at the photo you can see how it would be much more useful to us than a list.

Of course you can bring books to the the bookshop and we will buy the ones we want.

We are still persevering with the blog about things that happen in the bookshop

Here is the link to today's post there 

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