Thursday, 2 May 2019

Archive Margate and Ramsgate Photos and a bit of a ramble I think they should all expand with a bit of clicking

 the next few are Ramsgate May 2009 not sure if 10 years counts as archive

On to life and a ramble
Canterbury today as you see from the rather hurried sketch of the top of the Catching Lives bookshop. One of Canterbury's wonkiest buildings which is supported by an internal steel framework and has bits of other Canterbury buildings too far gone to save, including the whole of the shopfront.

A few pictures on the camera card, here is the link local council elections tonight and I don't think I will be staying up for the count. Just found out there is no point as the count doesn't start until tomorrow ith results coming in from about 1pm.

I have asked a few of the long term BREXIT supporters whether they will be voting for Nigel Farage or voting for UKIP in the EU elections in 3 weeks time, you get some funny answers.

Driving home from Canterbury through the puddles and potholes I did wonder how far the infrastructure has to collapse before there are some changes. I should point out here that road Maintenance and the roadside drains are entirely down to the KCC Conservative administration supported by a conservative government, neither of which feature in either of this months elections.

Does getting the occasional soaking by a passing car impact on the ballot box I wonder.

I am not even sure that letting our infrastructure collapse is cost effective.

Work wise I bought quite a few books for Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate which is where I work, for the dedicated Here is the link to the books we put out yesterday   quite a few foreign travel guides as my take is a slightly out of date paper guide for a couple of quid for armchair browsing before the holiday and downloading the up to date guide to you phone for when you are actually on holiday is probably the best option. 

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