Thursday, 30 May 2019

Broadstairs, Ramsgate and Margate

 Broadstairs Albion Street around 1900 I would guess.

 Note the free journey to the flying ground, in the early days of aviation various aviation firms offered "joy rides" for a fayre from a field.

 This is another inner basin decoration at Ramsgate Harbour probably 1950s
 This is Ramsgate sands and probably before WW1 because of the bathing machines, like ordinary people getting the vote the experience of the First World War put an end to Victorian beach propriety

 This is the construction of one of Margate's lifeboat houses and slipways next the jetty

A very long day mostly buying books for Michaels's Bookshop in Ramsgate, which is where I work.

Whitstable was the main town where I bought books

This is the link to the photos I took when I was there

Once again the number of closed shops is worrying and I think an issue that government needs to address if we want to retain towns as communities. I don't think an English Market Town society based mostly around a nighttime drinking culture will work.

Back to work in the bookshop tomorrow

This is the link to the pictures of the books we put out yesterday.


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