Saturday, 25 May 2019

Old Thanet photos, minor ramble

I'm writing this blog on the sundeck of The Royal Victoria Pavilion here in Ramsgate aka Wetherspoons. I can't really see the phone screen so excuse any typos.

Interesting to me that it should be functioning so well and I can't really understand why..

I think the message it sends out is that Ramsgate is over ripe for regeneration, if something is good enough then it doesn't just work but soon becomes as busy as it would be if the regression had in fact happened.

The old business of the three councils is an issue here, roughly speaking Thanet Council seem to be much more focused on Margate than they are on Ramsgate and Kent Council seem to be more focused on West Kent. This my be more down to my perception than reality, but this perception is supported by what other people say.

Two things that may help here are Thanet Council moving out of Margate and Ramsgate Council being lead by a different political party to Thanet Council. I also think the huge KCC county council may eventually be split into east and west Kent authorities.

I have worked, at various times, to try and get improvement for Ramsgate from both councils, but mostly this seems to antagonise them. I think that probably it is Ramsgate Town Council that could do something here.

As a town I think Ramsgate is also suffering partly from ageing individuals both inside and outside of government, who have been confused into thinking it has some sort of future as an industrial transport hub`.

On the internet front I find that I am once again using what was a very cheap phone in the way I once had to use a computer.

Here in the Bookshop after a very busy Saturday, I skived off during the busy bit, we will be closed on Monday as well as tomorrow, this is due to the bank holiday.
As ever I should stress here that the ability to use your smartphone for the majority of your ITC tasks is very useful when things go awry.

This is the link to the rest of today's photos interestingly to me is that because of the way the various aspects of Google I use synchronise, using an OTG connector to plug the camera's SD card in the phone means it backs up automatically.   

If I ever get the time I will get an I Phone and see how the Apple side of the fence works
 Now Island Vintage

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