Thursday, 23 May 2019

Thanet Trams today, maybe a minor ramble.

Click on the photos to enlarge or click on this link for the best quality
 Most of these are from the Mick Twyman collection, and mainly part of trying to make sure they don’t get lost, or at least lost in a form that has reasonable definition. This has happened to a lot of the photos that form part of our heritage here in Thanet, and had happened for a number of reasons.
 I think one of the main reasons is web hosting and how free internet hosting sites have stopped being free, there are also issues with social media sites reducing the size of images.
 I don't think anything on the preservation front beats getting them into a reasonably cheap and reasonably high definition paper format. We learnt a hard lesson here in Ramsgate when the library burnt down.
 Work wise here is the link to books we put out yesterday  printed books seem to holding up against other formats providing the price is reasonable and competes well with internet prices.
 Today's election and I still have a bit of a bad feeling about the whole BREXIT business, I think the implications are overshadowed by having an opinion about staying or leaving.

There is something about a fairly stable democracy with 100 years of government moving from Labour to Conservative and back again and with both parties not really having a safe plan to deliver BREXIT that worries me.

I think perhaps stability has been overthrown outside the normal method of government, I guess most worrying would be it happening again with a referendum forcing the government to deliver something they really can't think of a way of safely delivering.

 Once again I lunch at Wetherspoons here in Ramsgate, hotter day with more sun so yet another different seat meaning yet another sketch started
 A few photos here is the link  as it seems unlikely I will get all of these sketches finished I am experimenting more and more. I have moved pretty much exclusively to Bokingford (Not) paper which used to be called cold pressed.
 I am reminding people that I am continuing with my intention to add more material to this blog for myself
100,000 Mark note at a time when it would have been worth less than a £20 note is now, a reminder of how fragile the protections of civilisations are.

I can see that the system of electing a government based roughly on choosing people who have to work within some limitations when it comes decisions could feasibly be replaced by all decisions being decided by everyone using technology.

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