Thursday 27 December 2018

A few local pictures and not a lot more

Postcards from the heap, straight from camera to blog, as we are still having a family Christmas and I haven't really much to blog about.

 The photo would have been taken before Sept 1912, note the bathing machines, most of them disappeared after WW1

I'm still working towards New Year resolutions, I gave up smoking several years ago, after that I gave up vaping. In both cases you don't really need to draw a diagram for those who do.

When things get tough I chew gum containing nicotine. one boots own make mixed with one ordinary Wrigley's is the only combination that doesn't laminate dentures and for sudden incidents a nicorette QuickMist sprayed on the tongue, does the trick. I suppose I could give that up, but I do have teenage children.

At the moment the only preventable thing I am doing that is harming me is screen use, the research on this is too new for anything other than reducing it. A 20% reduction in cognitive ability doesn't sound good. I am already getting a bit of flack for blind typing with auto correct, so you can expect some pretty odd feeds if not posts.

On the work front in the bookshop, I guess this will increase physical book sales, so always look on the bright side.

Today's local photos didn't come to much as I took the shopping trolley out to top up supplies and you really need free hands for a camera.

Anyway back to work tomorrow, the first trading day after Christmas is usually a busy one in the bookshop, smartphones in particular have increased adult literacy to the highest levels ever and yet functional bookshops have mostly vanished. By functional I mean a reasonable range of books that are mostly priced less than they are on the internet. 

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