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Ramsgate and Margate in 1929 and an update on the Manston DCO

The pictures in this post come from The Official Ramsgate Guide for 1929, you can of course come into to the bookshop and browse it or buy it online here's the link

Looking at the two pictures of inside Ramsgate Library, this time with a date to hang on them, I think there is a sense that the library then was fit for purpose and related to some sort of social need.

Perhaps men of a particular social class are a bit over represented in the pictures, it would be a brave publisher today who produced such imbalance in a picture, but history of this sort can't be changed.

I have tried to put the Thanet Library use and costs figures at the bottom of the post, it is published on the KCC website as an Excel doc here is the link

To me it seems that it costs over £4 for every book borrowed from one to the Thanet libraries, which I think would be more than the average cost of a book from the bookshop here in Ramsgate. This doesn't sound very sustainable to me and I guess something will have to give eventually.

Reading through this we are trying to work out the significance of "Separate entrance to the man's shop" plenty of ideas but nothing makes much sense.

Here is the link to the books we put out in the bookshop today once again a busy day, a mixture of Christmas shopping and people buying books for themselves. 

Next some Margate material for 1929

 Car 10. Westbrook 1929

 Hodges Flagstaff Aug 1929

 Butchers Dairy 1929 +

 Margate Hospital Fete 1929
 The Harbour around 1929. Nearest the camera a vessel is seen unloading 'Shrimp Brand Beer' from the Gravesend Brewery with 'HAWARDEN' CASTLE behind her. At the end of the Stone Pier is either 'ABILITY or AMENITY' both built in 1928 for F.T. EVERARD.

 Diver (Joe 1929)

On the Manson DCO front a preliminary meeting at the Winter Gardens has been announced here is the link 

Personally I am having problems getting coherent replies from RSP at the moment, I think mainly because communication to them isn't to a major airport company, but to the solicitor and pr firm engaged by what seem to be a property investment group. 

Here is my latest email to pins

"Dear Manston pins team.
I am having an issue with slowing responses from RSP with relation to clarification of what I believe is a fundamental error in their environmental assessment relating to particulate air pollution dispersion.
I assume that it is generally accepted that PM2.5 particulates produced by fuel burn travel much further through the air than PM10 particulates. I am assuming this in the same was as if you drop a brick and a feather out of you window, the brick lands on the ground first.
In their environmental assessment results RSP either have PM2.5s travailing the same distance as PM10s or in one case actually travelling a shorter distances. They have confirmed that there are not other parts of their application where this anomaly is resolved with the links in their last email to me.
I would think it reasonable to assume that the PM2.5 particulates from the main source of the burn, 10,000 movements PA, will have considerable public health impacts in all of the concentrations of population within 10km of Manston and this will be accentuated in the coastal towns where the prevailing wind from Manston meets the onshore breeze.
There is a sense in which RSP withholding the dispersion distance they have taken for PM2.5s could be taken as unreasonable behaviour, from my point of view though they are wasting my time, something I don’t have a lot of at spare the moment.
What I am asking for from them is simple information for PM10 and PM2.5 particulates. The distance they have taken for dispersion to background levels, either in the form of a graph or in distance.
As this is such an important figure and key to projected reduced mortality figures, figures related to earlier onset of dementia and other issues already outlined in RSP’s environmental assessment I am concerned that if the information is misrepresented the potential for future litigation may be considerable.
Does there come a point where pins will ask the question on my behalf, or do I just keep asking RSP repeatedly?

My previous emails to RSP below.

Best regards Michael" 

I wonder what the compensation situation will be like down the line the small particle situation reminds me of the asbestos situation in the 1960s.

RSP seem to be saying that the small particles given off by burning jet fuel will fall to the ground before they leave the perimeter of the airport, unfortunately for us they travel for several miles.

As for the connection with dementia here is the link to a recent BBC article 

Thanet District 2016-2017 Stock           Costs (£)
Location Total number of borrowers (see note 1) Child -    0 - 4 Child -  5 - 11 Teen Adult Over 60 Other see (note 2) Number of items borrowed Items borrowed per location as  % of  district total Number of hours of computer use Computer use hours per location as % of district totals Number of visits Visits per location as % of  district total Items in stock (see note 3)  Staff (see note 4)   Premises (see note 5)  Other (see note 6) Total
Birchington  1,879 106 230 57 805 573 108         37,414 10.9%          5,656 6.3%         71,377 9.3%          9,240 41,963         18,245 £32,760 92,968
Broadstairs  4,194 254 656 197 1,885 1,002 200         83,737 24.4%         18,513 20.8%       107,527 14.0%         21,494 180,967         26,633 £53,774 261,375
Cliftonville  2,236 218 466 101 830 529 92         46,505 13.6%          4,631 5.2%         60,152 7.8%         10,466 39,518         16,882 £22,823 79,223
Margate  3,419 151 498 167 1,853 625 125         47,728 13.9%         32,256 36.2%       356,076 46.4%         30,732 165,773         60,385 £41,644 267,802
Minster-in-Thanet 727 51 155 31 269 167 54         12,367 3.6%          2,375 2.7%         13,293 1.7%          5,707 30,143         40,144 £27,289 97,577
Newington 570 39 142 66 195 70 58          9,394 2.7%          2,900 3.3%         14,861 1.9%          9,810 43,984         35,252 £13,025 92,261
Ramsgate 4,011 281 697 233 1,797 893 110         67,033 19.6%         18,022 20.2%       102,278 13.3%         29,436 206,401         96,866 £46,416 349,683
Westgate  1,784 142 378 84 691 417 72         38,390 11.2%          4,823 5.4%         41,411 5.4%          8,754 45,020           8,904 £22,633 76,557
Total: 342,568 100% 89,175 100% 766,975 100% 125,639 753,768 303,312 260,365 1,317,445


  1. I suspect that the purpose of the separate entrance to the men's department was in order to prevent a gentlemans senses becoming inflamed by an accidental confrontation with displays of corsetry etc

  2. Lewis and Hyland had a store in Northdown Road, Cliftonville at the corner of Wilderness Hill when we first arrived in the area back in 1969. By then only one entrance existed, presumably for both ladies and gentlemen. I remember it was mostly fabrics sold for making your own garments. The gents sitting reading in the Ramsgate library was probably for the same reason as the shop. Pubs used to have mens and ladies bars too, and Billiards was played in a male only room. We cannot change history because of today's values but some people think we should delete these things from history. Pull down the statues to famous people all because they do not agree with what they did back then! It is crazy, we learn by historical events and hopefully change the future. It is good to see how we got where we are today in my opinion.
    Great local pictures on this page which I haven't seen before, thank you for printing them.


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