Friday, 21 December 2018

Historic Thanet photos, some of Ramsgate today and the lights and lasers at the harbour.

 I imagine the barges would be coal to heat the town or to run the gasworks.
 Note the postmark so the picture is before 1907

 This one has the tramlines so after 1901 but before 1907 from the postmark not sure how it will blow up when clicked on as am doing the post straight from the camera card. It may be useful for dating the bit around the Queen's Head and custom house just before the buildings we know and wosisname were built.

Another one from the same heap I think the spike on the left is the top of the Alexander

Worth taking a look at the exhibition at York Street galley, several different artists

The rest of the photos ofit on my camera card link further down

Wetherspoons aka Royal Victoria Pavilion tonight, almost full when we got there at around 6 we only just managed to get a table for 4

Food and drink for the four of us under £30 and all good. I just order with the app, passing the phone round to everyone else to order. Just sit down and eat.

Work wise in the bookshop the books we put out today and Christmas opening times on the bookshop blog, here's the link

Live Long and Prosper and other harbour light attractions in Ramsgate Harbour 

Laser photography wise I took my Nikon P610 bridge camera to The Pav this evening, well in my pocket all day. Tried a few different settings.

The latest news on the BREXIT front is that we will all have to live on Chips - the great British potato comes in here - burgers which I am told are some sort of American meat sandwich, Coke - which against all expectation is a fizzy drink also sourced from the US of A, crisps with little blue paper twists of salt in them. I think this may mean we get a bit fat, sorry circumferenally disadvantaged, so may have a bit of trouble with British cars, however the american ones are quite large. 

I have heard some very worrying news about the Yorkshire Tea Mines being in EU [without] and not as I previously thought in Acaster Malbis and will keep you informed.

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