Sunday, 16 December 2018

Out and about with me photos, including art exhibition at Nice Things, some loose tiles on The Royal, the slipway stuck?

 A couple of phone pictures of the exhibition at Nice Things.

More pictures of this when you get to the link to my camera card further down.

 Bits of tile on the pavement are sometimes an indicator that you may wish to pass by on the other side
in case the rest of it lands on you. I have reported it to TDC out of hours, so if it lands on your head please haunt them and not me.

Here is the link to the rest of the photos

The Naughty sorry ahem --- The Nautical and Naval Chronicle for 1840 says

That's 178 years of getting stuck to the entertainment of the locals and visitors alike, and to the annoyance of the people who unsitck it and swear by/at it.

Whether it's stuck at the moment or undergoing maintenance with the fine tuning sledgehammer or even a small charge I don't really know, it just isn't where I would expect it to be.
 This is Moses Shipyard Ramsgate
 Some storm
   I think this is late 1940s

Margate next

 This one is of customers being taken to their bathing machines
And this Margate Marine Parade back in the day before the day.

On the bookshop front, Christmas shopping continues and I expect a fairly active week here is the link to the books that went out yesterday

Christmas present shopping wise I have had a fairly difficult time this year, fortunately we have a few small and recently published local books which work well with posting.

If you come to the bookshop to buy books for someone who has a collection of books on one subject or by one author take photos with your phone first.

Say if they collect books about smuggling here is a photo of the smuggling books in the bookshop as an example of what I mean and it is better to get them books they haven’t got than ones the have. 

Lunch in Wetherspoons aka The Royal Victoria Pavilion in Ramsgate

Light lunch, reasonable price, decent view, cross section of other people, relaxed atmosphere, perhaps a bit noisy due to so many people.  lonely planet now has a review here is the link   

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