Wednesday 12 December 2018

old pictures of Ramsgate Margate and Broadstairs

Starting with old local photos.

I have decided to start lifting some historic photos that are probably out of copyright off the internet and adding them to the ones I already have. I have been reluctant to do this in the past, but frankly some very good and important local pictures are appearing on the internet and vanishing without a trace in a matter of a few days. Anyway if I have infringed anyone's copyright let me know and I will remove the offending photo

 This is Albion Street Broadstairs
 I think before I lifted this one off the web it was probably lifted from a book.

 King Street Ramsgate

 I think this is probably earlier than 1910

 Pearks 52 High Street Margate in 1906, the numbering may have changed since

Wondering what to write for today’s blog with the government in turmoil over Europe I guess mainly because there isn’t an easy solution where we come out of the EU and it makes us better off. It looks as though money wise we will be worse off particularly in the more deprived parts of Thanet in other ways we will be worse off in terms of travel and being able to work or live in other EU countries. I guess as I voted to stay in I didn’t have reasons for wanting to come out and to be honest I am very vague about what would be a coherent argument for coming out.

Awaiting the result of the no confidence vote in the prime minister I realised I hadn't really much idea as whether it would have much impact either way, or which result would be best.

Another busy day at work today although we did get time to price and put out some reasonable books here is the link to thephotos of them.

One customer who had come from London by train to buy what I would loosely describe as gentleman’s shed books explained how the loop bus stopping so close to the bookshop made this an easy day out for him. Coming from London to Ramsgate just to buy books about woodwork and metal work seemed an unlikely December day out to me, but it is a strange old world.

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