Thursday 20 December 2018

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Here in the bookshop we are preparing for the British Utopian future of BREXIT where our customers have 20% less spending power. I have been furling my umbrella and am considering a bowler hat. I wonder will we get the bathing machines back?
 Note the date of this night shot of Margate, I wounder how they achieved nighttimephotography in 1905, possibly some sort explosive with magnesium. Or perhaps they just took the photo during the day and modified it.

 Here we are in Ellington Park in 1918, a Britain to be proud of, I wonder if we will return to £Sd what about feet and inches, pounds and ounces

 Will we see the return of the British seaside holiday, with the boarding house landlady?

 This ist he building of Ramsgate's red brick arches in the 1890s
 Northdown Road before 1906 as you can see from the postmark.

 I love the comment on this card posted during WW1 about there being hardly any people but crowds of soldiers. I try to make this balance with other stuff I have read about the conflict - what can you say?

 This is the building of the railway viaduct on the Margate Road

Work wise in the bookshop here is the link to the books we put out yesterday I have done such Christmas shopping as I am going to do and went book buying in Herne Bay and Canterbury today. I was quite surprised to be able to park easily in Canterbury today
 I think these Canterbury postcards are 50s or 60s
 I know I have posted them before
 but the easiest way is to pick up a pile of postcards, put the camera on macro and snap them alog with the rest.
The laziest way with today's photos is just to move them from the camera's SD card to the blog post, click any you want to expand

 By the time I had Muffined and bookshoped in Canterbury
Played with a camera in Jessops
Something I really liked about this one is that it has a focusing ring on the lens, something I hadn't come across on a camera before. No good to me as it doesn't have enough features, but I do like going into a shop and playing with toys.

Oh where was I, yes it was dark.
 So yes I took my camera out of my pocket and played with it and sort of wished it had a manual focus ring for a bit, as you do.
 Soon the brave new world of going it alone as a nation, or should it be sovereign state?
 I wonder what the first benefits will be? I am sure our great government has something planned for us all.
 Anyway I now know why so many shops are closing, we have far too many here is the link
 This has obviously worked with Waterstones in Canterbury as last year were two and this year there is one, what we have to ask ourselves is, is one too many?
 I looks to be our last Christmas in the EU

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