Sunday 2 December 2018

Old local photos, current photos Ramsgate and Canterbury, handheld, pocket camera photography.

 Pictures should expand if you click on them.
 I have gone back to photos of the old photos which means you get the back as well if there is anything written on it.

Messages from around 100 years ago, with some of the pictures.

 Here in the architectural conservation zone of King Street Ramsgate the scaffolding has finally come off the latest apartment conversion revealing a quality of finish that was something of a surprise.
Yesterday after supper in Wetherspoons aka Royal Victoria Pavilion Ramsgate, I should point out here this was steak for me, my wife and children had other stuff, we all drinks and the total bill came to around £30 and the steak was good, third time in succession. I should point out that if I have steak and chips in Rules (which I take to sensibly priced), just that on its own is £33 - I did take some photos round Ramsgate Harbour in the dark.

As often happens I took the wrong camera, I promise to have another go with the right one

Here are the links to what's on the camera card.

Link 1

Link 2

In Canterbury today I noticed another apartment block nearing completion, I guess the only snag with Canterbury is sorting the old out from the new.

 I took a few photos while I was there
Canterbury tends to be our Sunday destination, particularly in winter, next the link to the photos I took there today.

Link 3

Right camera for there today Nikon P610 again, but my ITC fail means the pictures published backwards, the first shall be wosisname and all that.

The sad news last week was that Artist Michael Blaker died, I did photograph some of his exhibitions and even blog at least one, but as he wasn't there when I took the photos so I did it with fairly blurry mobile phone pictures of the pictures so as not to compromise his copyright anyway here is the link.

Link 4

Work wise another busy week in the bookshop, a definite shift further towards secondhand books being acceptable Christmas shopping. With local books and maps that we publish and print in the bookshop, please appreciate that with well over 200 titles it is difficult to be sure I will have all of them in stock all the way through to Christmas, so if you are after a particular title, try not to leave it too late.

For a fairly busy day we put out quite a few books, for photos of them it's

Link 5 

I think an issue with photography and me is that I only have time to do hand held shots and often not the time to stop walking. Perhaps another one is that the main place I use to store the photos I have taken on any given day is my own website. Perhaps one day I will go through and delete all of the bad ones.

Anyway now I have written the blog post I will have a look at the photos.

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