Monday 17 December 2018

Old Thanet pictures

 I think this is The County Skating Rink in Ramsgate now Pettycoat Lane Emporium, My guess is that it was intended to be a ballroom when it first opened but failed to get enough dancers.

As a Rollerskating Rink you can see it had a properly laid floor for rollerskating, I guess it may have doubled as both
 A lot of these have been lifted of Facebook, mostly from people who say please use them
 I think the Custom House was built on this site

 St Peter's I think
 This is looking up York Street from the Harbour end
 This the demolition of The Granvile Ballroom
 Roughly Nero's, once the Marina Theatre, now a car park
 I don't think the date on this one is right
There was a big fire in October 1928 after which the end part was demolished

On to Margate ones from Mick Twyman's collection with his captions
 High St 1912
 High St 1905
Hawley St C1900
 Street UnknowNorthdown road far right is norththumberland hall, still there today
 Fire Cecil St
  Fire Market St
  Fire Market St
  Fire Market St
 Fire Market St
 High St 1913
Outing Hawley St

I have been talking to some of Ramsgate and Margate’s young people about local history and whether it interests them. Interestingly for me it seems the answer is basically yes, but the way I present it is difficult to follow.

I think this is partly related to me needing to connect the pictures of the past more to pictures of the present. I think there is also partly a bit of a mental map issue to overcome, I don’t know what age people switch from thinking of the town along the lines of where shops are to street names, but if you say Queen Street, CEX, Waitrose, Homebasics come to mind. However if you say Kwik Fit or Vinylhead you are wrong as Queen Street turns into Westcliff Road or is it West Cliff, just beyond Waitrose.

We also have roads that changed name like half of Plains of Waterloo which was Bellevue Hill, meaning that historic pictures can have a different name for the same place.

This is the link to books we put out today

Work wise the bookshop has been trundling along much as expected, there is a bit of a sense of desperation among some of the people shopping for Christmas presents and I guess something of relief encountering a fairly normal shop experience.


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  1. Keep up the good work Michael. The Fish Market in Ramsgate was run by a relative of mine who also lived in Kent Terrace. That branch of the family also other fish places in Harbour Street & the Market Place.


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