Wednesday 26 December 2018

Ramsgate Christmas lights gif some old Thanet picturres and a ramble.

First of all a gif of the Christmas lights in Ramsgate Harbour, not perhaps as good as the laser one the other day, initial photos with my phone Oukitel K3 not the best of cameras but the limited choice of phones that have charging OTG meaning I can use it to charge, camera, sound cancelling headphones, transfer images from the camera's SD card to the phone and then on to the internet, use it like a memory stick that I can't loose (as soon as the phone gets into wifi it saves everything online so if I then drop it in the loo, all of it pictures and data will automatically appear on the replacement phone, which will cost around £100)  Oh if only I was more efficient - well maybe not!

With he gifs do photos and so on, do feel free to save them to your device and use them, friends social media and so on.

Local photos and the lazy approach again, off the pile and up the Nikon P610, hand helnd, set on macro, but how does it do it in poor lighting conditions?

 Yep telling us all the photo was taken before 1906 will do, thank you very much.

 1907 note the jib (little mast and sail on the back) this would reduce the time spent working the boat and give much more time for fishing etc.

 Before WW1 when the sand built up because of the invasion defences

 So is tramway info wrong here is the link I think what you can see in the background here is the side of the old Queen's Head I think there must have been two different accidents there.

 This looks like Lapthorn's hand, so probably his questions and answers

 Draper's Mills Margate

 Before 1913

The Japanese - I just don't understand it, I am reading Murakami's book South of the Boarder West of the Sun, at the moment. This is the last of his novels for me, from my fairly recent discovery of his work. To my mind, an important magic realist. so to what's the impact on the individual Japanese citizens - Hell teeth I'm embarrassed enough when in the company of European academics about BREXIT, at least we haven't suddenly legalised bear bating or hare coursing again.

Fox hunting has always been a tricky one for me. In a general sense I approve of free range eggs, once worked on that sort of farm. That given foxes have to be controlled, I quite like domestic cats too, which foxes tend to kill out of hand and on passing. If I get reincarnated as a fox and am given the choice between being gassed with my cubs in my burrow, shot out of hand or taking my chance with the hounds - well you know how it is.

So with the whales, do the Japanese have some cogent argument like that, the trouble is that I can't see that less whales would benefit mankind that much. Are they eating our fish? I've never been that keen on fish or fishing. More of a steak and sausages man myself, not lamb though, complicated story. As I said I did a bit of being a sort of farmworker, when I was at school and of course if we all have to become vegetarians then farm animals will become extinct - perhaps there will be a few vegans keeping pigs as pets until they die of old age?

Milk of course is the cruellest farm product and I have it in my tea.

I am writing this post in Wetherspoons using my mobile phone without looking at the screen. typing on a folding Bluetooth keyboard, what this does to my my grammar, not so very good to start with, God alone may know. Aquinas probably had something to say about that sort of thing, not the keyboard and phone but the rest of it. Sitting at home and looking at the screen sucking out 20% of my mind, no thank you very much.

Home now, blog sorted, more food

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