Sunday 30 December 2018

Old Margate, Ramsgate Broadstairs photos Canterbury bookshops, guitar shops, musical sexism and photos photos

 This picture of Margate paddle steamer jetty as you can see from the postmark it dates from before 1910

 Broadstairs before 1910, I enjoy reading the backs of these posted cards

 can't read the postmark on this one, perhaps after I publish this post and can click onit expand it and work it out.

Whoops published during writing, so there is more of the post to go.

We went to Canterbury today, mostly buying books and finally a nylon string guitar that that has a narrow enough neck for the average female of the spices to get her fingers round one side and thumb round the other.

Photos of Canterbury today, click on the links

Link  1

Link   2

Link   3

The youf of today too some Broadstairs ones

Link  4 

If I get time I will delete the worst pictures, meanwhile aver your eyes.

Bookshop wise I am developing a dedicated blog see

Link   5

This is a different one to the one we put photos of the books we put out on the shelves every day, see

Link   6 

Strange seeing Ramsgate as the BBC headline

Link    7

I wonder do you think? Will we see masses of European tourists in the town?

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