Friday, 7 December 2018

Hospitals, Christmas and other Thanet stuff

 Inside Margate Hospital is what it says on this image in the Mick Twyman collection, as you see this stems from the period before hospital staff wore pyjamas at work.

Here in the bookshop we are putting up Christmas decorations so perhaps something similar is happening here.

A few local hospital photos because of yesterday's post putting the subject into my mind.

Some photos of Ramsgate today next
 sorry some of the photos are very similar, I was trying out different camera settings.

 Behold the link to the full sized panorama

As you can see I keep twiddling the knobs on the camera and pointing it at the sun, but should I delete the ones I don't like?
Bookshop wise this is the link to the photos of the books we put out

come the evening it was Wetherspoons for supper
Less that £30 for the four of us
and out and about snapping at the Christmas lights
you get a few interesting shots but mostly dreadful ones doing this in the dark here is the link to the camera card for anyone interested
different settings give strange results in the dark

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